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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we set up live project based digital marketing lessons.


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This is the where we explain every things about digital marketing with live projects.

Our story

we are impassioned about blogging and affiliate marketing

so we researched a lot and finally joined the digital marketing institute and spent 6 months but the result was in vain.

however we didn’t lose our hopes we kept discussing and joining many institutes but we could not reach our expectations,

finally we joined a digital marketing agency in order to reach our goal and eventually we succeeded .

and we understood digital marketing is completely  based on practical with live based projects-


butunfortunately no institutes provide -practical real-time training with live projects,

this was the turning point to create live project based digital marketing institute educating the digital marketing aspirants and empowering them to make their all dreams come true.

we named our institute ” digital big boss”because its just like big boss house activities filled with fun in order to enjoy the lessons.

our tag line is ” Be your own boss” for us its not just tagline, its our promise that we will provide 100% real-time practice in live projects with latest digital marketing trends and updates.

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